What Does Loyalty Mean In A Relationship?

What Is Loyalty?

Loyalty is a quality or a virtue, faithfulness to obligations or commitments. It is the fidelity of an individual towards a person or a thing. Loyalty is essential in all relationships such as friends, family, workplace, romantic partners, institutions, nations, religions, etc.

Characteristics of Loyalty

  • Being dedicated – Loyalty is dedication, honesty, faithfulness, support and trust in any relationship. Loyalty calls for emotional commitment and  kindles a sense of identity.
  • Showing support – Loyalty is about loving and accepting someone for their personality, for who they actually are, and not leaving them when things become difficult.
  • Being consistent – It means being consistent in your behavior regardless of situations. Loyalty involves treating someone with generosity, kindness and fairness.
  • Honesty and transparency – Honesty and transparency is important, being vulnerable and not hiding your real self is a part of loyalty. It is believed people who are brave enough and show parts of their life and display willingness to know about others in an authentic way are considered loyal.
  • Respecting their boundaries – respecting the other person’s boundaries and giving them personal space is very important. It means supporting the other person without invading their personal space and respecting their personal space.

Why is Loyalty important in any relationship?

Many people say they are loyal in their relationship, but they actually do not know the actual meaning of loyalty. Being loyal to anyone or anything is a lot more than staying committed and not cheating, there are many other facets of Loyalty.

Loyalty makes any relationship stronger and more valuable. A few reasons why loyalty is important in any relationship are given below:

  • Loyalty is the key to a healthy relationship – Commitment and trust in the relationship leads to happiness and encourages wellbeing. Couples who are loyal to each other last longer than those who lack the quality of Loyalty.
  • Loyalty makes the relationship successful – Ever wondered what is the secret for those everlasting love stories between your parents or grandparents? Loyalty, it is. Yes, Loyalty is the secret behind all the successful relationships. To make any relationship work, you need to be loyal with your significant other. It is the center for a lasting relationship.
  • Loyalty provides a sense of security – Loyalty in any kind of relationship provides a sense of security, it creates an ease between two people. It helps in creating a safe and comfortable environment.
  • People start loving you – When you are loyal with other people, it creates a good impression on others. Your personality becomes attractive and people start loving you.
  • Loyalty helps you in forming real relationships – When you are loyal other people reciprocate, and this helps you in forming real and long-lasting relationships irrespective of formal or informal.

How to Stay Loyal

There are a few things you can do to stay loyal in relationships :

  • Loyalty is a choice – Being loyal in any relationship is a choice and not an option. If you are committed to any person or anything it is a choice you make, you can leave whenever you want. Loyalty is more about actions rather than words. Remember, a real relationship is built on loyalty and not just words.
  • Appreciation – Appreciating the other person is the most essential part of a relationship. At times love is not enough, you have to express it by appreciating your partner. In case of formal relationships, you should appreciate subordinates and fellow employees; it will create a sense of loyalty amongst them.
  • Prioritizing – When you prioritize the other person, it automatically creates a sense of Loyalty. When you prioritize your relationship, talk with the other person and resolve even the smallest problems, your relation becomes stronger and more valuable.
  • Do not give up – Being loyal means not giving up on things or people, even when the time is not in your favor. When you stick by your partner or colleague’s side even on their bad days and do not give up on them when they are hardest to deal with is considered as loyalty.
  • Be honest – being honest with the other person is a sign of loyalty. This makes your relationship stronger and better.
  • Maintaining their confidence – When a person shares their hopes, secrets, fears or plans with you, you should maintain the confidentiality of the same.
  • Share experiences – Sharing your own experience about something be it a trip, an activity or anything else is a great way to bond with the other person, this also creates a sense of loyalty and strengthens your relationship.
  • Loyalty is learned – Loyalty isn’t something you are born with, instead you learn loyalty from people around you, from your parents, teachers, friends, etc. You keep practicing loyalty until you learn the true meaning of it.

Benefits of being Loyal

  • Faithfulness – Faithfulness is the basic need of any relationship. Without faithfulness no relationship can succeed, loyalty creates a sense of faithfulness which is necessary in all the relationships.
  • Loyalty makes the relationship durable – Loyalty makes any relationship more durable and everlasting. If you want a lasting relationship with your partner or with your colleagues.
  • Better interpersonal relationships – Loyalty is important in all relationships including family, friends, romantic partners, business partners, colleagues, etc. when you are loyal to a person it helps in bettering the relation between both the parties.

What if you are not Loyal?

Not being loyal or being disloyal in any relation can dangerously harm the relationship. When you are disloyal to a person it is often considered as betrayal, it may result in feelings like shock, grief and loss, damaged self-esteem, anger, self-doubt, etc.

Disloyalty causes mental contamination, and the person who is being disloyal is considered the source of this contamination. The pain and agony caused by this betrayal can last longer than you can imagine, at times it is also turned into anger and the other person yearns for revenge. This betrayal causes emotional distress and leaves deep wounds.

Being loyal is not an option, it is a choice. You should not violate the trust of the person who placed their well-being in your hands, because they might experience lingering trauma that can last for months or even years.

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