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Learn How To Improve Work Life Balance: 10 Ways

What is work-life balance?

Work-life balance is the level of prioritization between one’s professional and personal life. In what ratio the activities from work are present at home?

This has always been a topical issue; In today’s modern world people have forgotten how to maintain a balance between work and personal life.

The post-covid period has led to an imbalance in people’s personal and professional lives. Work-from-home, especially, was one of the main reasons for this imbalance. People were at their homes, working for longer than usual work-hours or doing household chores during work hours. Even though the work-from-home situation has come to an end, people are unable to get out of this cycle.Work-life balance is essential in any individual’s life, because it helps you lead a happy and stress-free life.

Importance of work-life balance

Working and earning a living has become the most important thing in anybody’s life. It is essential for any individual to earn money in order to fulfill their basic needs. People in the office throughout the day, sometimes even on weekends and holidays, so that they can give their family a life they deserve. But what is use of all this money and luxurious life if you do not have time for your family?

People bring their work home because of work the family members are neglected. People are unable to spend time with their family, which often leads to bad relationships that cause stress in the family.The excessive workload can also cause deterioration in the employees’ health. This is why work-life balance is an essential element.

Work-life balance helps the person to maintain a healthy balance between their personal and professional life. Work-life balance ensures that the individual maintains a fine balance in the time he or she gives to work as well as to personal matters.

It increases one’s productivity at the workplace and helps them to have good relations with their family members.

The key to achieving a work-life balance relies on not only what you do while you’re working but also what you do outside of work.

Giving yourself time is equally important. Finding fulfillment in hobbies, having go-to restoration methods is equally vital.

The definition of Work-life balance may differ from one person to another. It is the responsibility of the firm to help its employees achieve a balanced work-life, this can be done by attentive listening to your employees, as well as an iterative and flexible approach to find what works best.

Causes for poor Work-life balance

You can only get a balanced work-life when you know what are its root causes. Without knowing where you are lacking or what are the shortcomings, you wouldn’t be able to achieve work-life balance.

Here are a few possible causes of a poor Work-life balance –

  • Relationships: excessive work directly or indirectly affects a person’s relationships with their family, friends and other people. They are unable to spend time with their loved ones and at times they become so indulged in their work that they unknowingly become emotionally unavailable.
  • The ideal job: ever happened if you don’t feel comfortable in the job you are doing, you keep on switching companies and jobs but something is missing. Maybe that’s because you are not the right fit for that job. Believe it or not this might actually be the reason for the imbalance in your work-life. It may be time to pivot and find a job you are passionate about.
  • Management issues: the management at your workplace can also be a reason for an imbalanced work-life; if your employer is allowing you to take your work home or asks you to stay back after work hours, it will affect your personal life. It will have a negative impact on your overall performance and you will not be able to work efficiently.
  • Working for longer hours: working post office hours either at home or at the office itself is quite unhealthy. It is important to separate work hours from personal life.

Ways to improve Work-life balance

Having a good work-life balance does not mean working only for six to eight hours, it is much more than that. Such as spending time with family and friends or spending time in self-care during the lunch breaks.

Companies have now opted for this new technique for work-from-home on alternate days. This has been quite effective to attract new talent.

But at times work-from-home blurs the line between work life and home life, which creates an imbalance in one’s work life.

Here are 10 ways to improve your work-life balance –

  • Identify productivity peaks: every person is productive in their own unique way. Some people prefer working early in the morning while some love working at night. To reduce procrastination and the frustration brought on by a lack of productivity, people should play according to their strengths and structure their workloads in their most productive periods.
  • Take breaks: working for 8 long hours without any breaks can be exhausting and less productive. To improve your work-life balance, it is important to take scheduled breaks between work. This reduces stress and freshens up your mind, it reduces the chances of being distracted by things like family, friends, colleagues, etc. You are able to focus on your task.
  • Have a long-term plan: make a long-term plan for better management. This plan should encompass completion dates of upcoming projects. This will help you shred the workload and you will have sufficient time to complete all the tasks on time.
  • Work for your passion: doing a job you aren’t passionate about will give you nothing but disappointment and stress. To attain a better work-life balance you should opt for a job that you are most passionate about. In today’s world where society has become more accepting, it has become easier to follow your dreams and achieve anything you want.
  • Stick to working hours: keep strict working hours and do not work beyond them. Occasionally it is okay to work extra but making it a habit can be deleterious. You stick to the work timings and do not extend it often because then it will become difficult to claw back to routine again.
  • Schedule your activities: schedule your activities on the basis of importance. If you have an important presentation on Monday make sure you are ready for it by the weekend, or if you have a family dinner you shouldn’t be late or miss it due to work. You should prioritize your activities in order to attain a smooth work-life balance.
  • Opt for flexible working: some companies still prefer work from home entirely for a number of reasons. You can go for a job or a company where there is flexible working or you have to visit the office on alternate days.
  • Prioritize your mental health: a person earns to get a better lifestyle but at what cost? Sacrificing your mental peace for the sake of money is of no use. You should work in such a manner that your mental well-being is not harmed.
  • Learn to say NO: if your employer or your colleagues tell you to work beyond working hours or take the work home you should know how to say NO, because if you do not say no they will make this a habit and will keep picking on you.
  • Speak out: to attain a better work-life balance you must speak out. Tell your employer or boss about your needs. You may not always find a solution but this can help in leading a stress-free life. And does not apply just for office, if your family or other relations are becoming a hurdle in your work, speak out. Make it clear that you need to prioritize your work at the moment.

Make Work-life balance a priority

If you do not have a balanced work-life, you will always be in a conflict with your work role and personal life.You must know how to maintain a balance between personal and professional life. Once you learn to do so you will be able to achieve a healthier and better lifestyle. Your mind will become stress-free and you will be more productive.

A balanced work-life of its employees is important for a company. Not having a balanced work-life will impact negatively on the well-being of its people and spoil the physical aspects of the workplace. Thus a company should look after the well-being of its employees and help them attain a better and balanced work-life.

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