How to find your inner peace

How To Find Inner Peace In Your Life: 12 Ways

What is Inner Peace?

Inner peace does not have a set definition, it is a miscellaneous topic. It may vary from person to person. But in simple words inner peace is the state of being mentally at peace. Being strong enough to face the stress or discord without letting it affect your physical or mental health. It is a state where you are psychologically at peace, there is no more overthinking, no more anxiety or stress, even though there is potential presence of stressors.

Your brain does not rush from one thought to another, you are finally not ruminating about past incidents, there is no constant dwelling on hurts and what other people did or said. Inner peace is not an onerous task, it can be attained by doing small things. Taking small steps each day towards getting a better mental health will help you achieve mental peace.

Why is Mental Peace important?

It was typically thought that Mental Peace is something associated with religion or prayer that is not true. This may be partly true, but it can’t be entirely true because as we already said, the concept of inner peace is vast; it may differ from person to person.

Now you might be wondering why exactly inner peace is essential for any person? Here’s the answer to this question, reasons why inner peace is important in any individual’s life:

  • Improves your ability – inner peace helps improve your ability to focus. There are a number of distractions that divert you from your goal but when you have inner peace, your mind is in a state where the only indispensable thing is to achieve a certain goal. It becomes easier for a person to stay away from distractions. Inner peace helps you with a proper coping mechanism, it helps reduce anxiety. You become more determined and ambitious.
  • Patience and tolerance – another important thing in which inner peace contributes is that it increases your patience and tolerance level. You become more tolerant in comparison to those who lack mental peace. Little things do not annoy you, you start reviewing things and scenarios without anger and help you respond in moderation.
  • Improves your sleep cycle – when you are mentally at peace, stress-free, tension-free, your sleep cycle automatically gets fixed. The problem of insomnia (difficulty sleeping) has become common in today’s generation, according to a study more than 10 million cases of insomnia are reported each year in India itself. Mental Peace helps you get a better night’s sleep, which ultimately helps you think clearly and stay healthier.
  • A feeling of happiness – when you have mental peace there is a feeling of contentment, you find happiness in even the smallest things such as looking at the sunset, watering the plants, raking your dog on a walk, etc. This is because you are satisfied with your life, you will work hard to achieve more but what you have at present is sufficient for you.
  • Improves interpersonal relations – when you are mentally at peace your relationships with others improve as well. We perceive the world around us by how we see ourselves. When you feel enough, you are satisfied by yourself, the world around you seems brighter. You start thinking positively which directly and indirectly affect your relationship with the other people.

There are a number of benefits of inner peace that are not discussed here.

12 ways to find inner peace 

Finding inner peace and happiness in today’s chaotic world might be a little difficult but remember nothing is impossible. With the right motivation you can achieve anything. 

Here are a few ways with which you can attain inner peace:

  1. Meditate – meditation is one of the best ways to attain inner peace. It enhances your ability to analyze things and helps you think clearly. Meditation not only improves your mental health but also your physical health. Meditation makes you healthy, both mentally and physically.
  2. Go for a walk – getting out in nature and in the fresh air will help you a lot. It is said nature absorbs all the negative energy from humans, and goes out when the sun is shining. When you spend time in nature you automatically become relaxed and happier. Hearing the birds sing and the crickets chirp will make you feel better and provide you inner peace. So next time whenever you feel anxious, take a break and go out in nature.
  3. Spend time with a pet – studies have proven spending time with your pet can reduce your anxiety. Being around them, playing with them will divert your mind, and you will automatically become less anxious. If you have a pet, cuddle them, feed them and spend time with them; this will definitely give you inner peace.
  4. Declutter – having regular clear outs is necessary. Cluttering results in tension and anxiety. Spending time in a clean environment will automatically reduce stress. Therefore, whenever at home try cleaning it.
  5. Self-care – if you are some who has a job and cannot make time for themselves, this one’s for you. Take some time out on weekends and invest in self-care, go to a spa, get a massage or do skincare at home on your own. Exercise a little every day, you will see how small things add up and make a huge difference.
  6. Add a hint of humor in life – laughing reduces stress, thus you should laugh a lot. When you feel low, watch some stand-up comedy video or a sitcom. Try being around people who are jolly, it is a great antidote.
  7. Set boundaries – putting your guard up isn’t a bad thing. Everyone deserves space, you need to set boundaries so that certain people who aren’t good for your mental health, stay away from you. You might understand the person before you let them in your life, or before you lower your guard, and the person for whom you are doing this is worth it.
  8. Acceptance – accept the fact that you are a human, having flaws, not being able to do certain things is completely normal. You do not have to beat yourself just because someone else did something you couldn’t. Acceptance is the most crucial part in order to get inner peace, until and unless you accept yourself the way you are, you won’t be able to get inner peace.
  9. Live in the moment – You Only Live Once, instead of worrying about the future, enjoy the present. Because when you overthink about what will happen next, you are unable to enjoy what is actually happening in your life, which is not healthy. In order to get inner peace, you need to learn to live in the moment.
  10. Be frolic – frolic means behaving in a playful manner; romp. Only work and no play will lead to stress. In order to relieve stress you should indulge in some recreational activities such as golf, baseball, soccer, or whatever interests you. This will not only improve your mental health but also your physical health.
  11. Letting go – letting go is the most important part. It is hard to forget something or someone, but you need to accept the fact that certain things cannot stay forever, the sooner you understand this the less it will hurt. Letting go of the past might be difficult but with a little help from your family, friends or a therapist will make it easier for you.
  12. Gratitude – showing gratitude towards others is an important gesture. Adopt an attitude of gratitude, focus on the things you should be grateful of. Look around yourself, and you will find people who are underprivileged, sometimes all you need is to nudge your awareness. The key to happiness is being grateful, stop mourning over things you can’t have and start celebrating the things you have. This is one of the most important step towards inner peace.

Concluding thought

There is no set pattern to attain inner peace, it is just do what makes you happy until your acts are affecting others or harming your well-being. Small steps add up to a big one, start taking small steps today, and you will see a huge difference tomorrow. You might not be happy with what has happened in your life or what is happening currently, but someday you will look back and say I am glad that happened.

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