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15 Scientifically Proven Ways To Stay Happy All The Time

What is Happiness?

Happiness means being emotionally and mentally stable. It is a state of mental well-being. It means experiencing joy in a certain moment, it is a positive evaluation of an individual’s life.

There is no set definition of happiness or what gives you happiness; it may vary from one person to another. Some people may find happiness in planting trees or spending time in nature while others might find happiness in partying. Therefore, happiness cannot be defined with a single definition.

If you ask people how to be happy, they may give you several answers such as meditation, exercising, painting, clubbing, board games, etc. There is no set way for an individual to be happy.

Why is Happiness important?

There is not a single person in this whole world who has not experienced happiness. Happiness gives purpose and meaning to one’s life. Here are a few reasons why happiness is important in one’s life:

  • Success – happy people are more successful than those who are not happy in life. Success gives you happiness and fulfillment in life but to achieve this success you should be happy and have a positive outlook on things.
  • Better interpersonal relationships – when you are happy, you make people around you happy. This being happy helps in bettering one’s interpersonal relationships.
  • Reduces stress – happiness helps in reducing stress. When you are happy, you automatically become less stressed. Stress increases your cortisol levels accompanied by high blood pressure, muscle weakness, changes in mood, etc. Whereas, happiness and positive thinking change your chemical makeup and lower these levels.
  • Healthy lifestyle – being happy is proportional to a healthy lifestyle and long life. It has a positive effect on one’s health and increases life expectancy.
  • Generosity – it has been seen that happy people are mostly generous. There is a connection between the two, generosity and happiness. When you are happy you automatically become generous.

How to be happy in life – 15 ways

Regardless of what makes one happy, there are certain things that an individual can do to attain happiness:

  1. Find inner peace – inner peace means a calm state of mind, where you are psychologically at peace and stress-free. Inner peace helps you to think clearly. Knowing that your goals and ambitions are clear and you know how to work upon them will give you joy and a feeling of contentment and happiness. Find the inner peace in your life for more joy in your life.
  2. Get a sufficient amount of sleep – not getting a good amount of sleep might make you feel exhausted. This feeling of exhaustion can create anxiety and stress. Therefore, getting a full night’s sleep i.e. 7 to 8 hours of sleep is necessary to lead a happy, fulfilling life.
  3. Acknowledge the unhappy moments – being positive toward things is good but bad incidents take place in everyone’s life, try acknowledging those bad incidents. You do not have to pretend you are happy all the time, we are humans being sad is our nature and it’s completely fine. Acknowledging unhappiness and accepting things how they are is an important part of being happy.
  4. Do not avoid stress – there is not a single person who doesn’t feel stressed. Avoiding stress or ignoring the feeling of being stressed can affect your mental health in the long term. Facing stress isn’t harmful, we need to change our view about stress. Instead of getting overwhelmed by stress, try to address the stressor head-on.
  5. Avoid overthinking – overthinking can kill your happiness. Dwelling upon the past or worrying about the future won’t fix it, you need to let go of the past and learn to live in the present. For more happiness in your life you have to stop overthinking and relax.
  6. Stop comparing yourself to others – do you ever see someone’s picture on social media and compare yourself with them? You need to stop comparing yourself with others and know that you are unique in your way.
  7. Put away your phone – mobile phones are an essential part of our lives but at times they can be toxic. Being on our phones all the time is harmful, unknowingly you are killing your happiness. Put away your phone and spend some time with family, friends, or in solitude. This will provide you with a sense of happiness and contentment.
  8. Meditate – meditating will relieve your stress and produce a calm effect on your brain and nerves. You can practice simple exercises like inhaling and exhaling, taking deep breaths, or even sitting quietly with your thoughts for 5 to 10 minutes.
  9. Eat a healthy diet – eating healthy plays an important role in leading a happy and prosperous life. When you eat healthily, your body stays fit and disease free, therefore eating healthy diet leads to a happy life.
  10. Take yourself out – being in your own company will teach you a lot about yourself. Solitude is the key to inner peace and inner peace is essential for leading a happy life.
  11. Maintain a good work-life balance – some people are unhappy just because there is no balance in their work life and personal life. Thus, maintaining a good work-life balance is necessary, you should know how to prioritize your work and have time for your personal life as well.
  12. Take time to reflect – you should take out some time every once in a while to catch up with yourself. Ask yourself questions like how have you been doing lately. What you have achieved? What is yet to be achieved? etc. Also, add questions like are you happier than last year? What are the things that make you happy? Do not judge yourself, appreciate yourself for what you were able to achieve.
  13. Let go of the grudges – is there a friend or a family member you have been holding grudges against? Try to let go for the sake of your mental health and inner peace. This should not be about reconciliation, just end whatever it is and move on.
  14. Being loyal – being loyal to your partner or parents will solve most of your problems, you will not have to worry about them finding out that you cheated on them or you were disloyal. This will help you create good interpersonal relationships and lead a happy life.
  15. Plan a trip – when you feel too exhausted or need to escape reality for a while, plan a trip. Going out on a trip with friends, family, or alone can be a great recreational activity. When in doubt, plan a trip.

Concluding thought

Happiness is the most essential part of one’s life. Without happiness your life is incomplete, there is not a single person who has not experienced happiness in life ever.

As Jeremy Bentham stated it is human nature to maximize pleasure and minimize pain. All humans want happiness in life.

But following the given steps you can attain a happy and prosperous life.\

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